Company Introduction

HLB that manufactures safe ships

Company Introduction

The HLB Shipbuilding Division, originated from Kyungil Yacht, the subsidiary of Hyundai Group, started manufacturing various boats and ships since 1975, specialized in FRP ships such as luxury yachts, government boats, fishing boats, fishing-guide ships and lifeboats. Manufactured more than 7,000 boats or ships over 40 years, HLB is boasting the longest history and rich know-how in the field of small ship and special boat manufacturing in Korea.


  • mission


    HLB that manufactures safe ships

  • core values


    Challenge and enthusiasm
    Technology and Quality
    Communication and Collaboration

  • philosophy


    Creative and enterprising corporate culture,
    Flexible organization, learning organization,
    Innovation through enterprise-wide capacity building


  • Developed the high-speed boat (RIB boat)

  • Completed construction of the 2nd factory

  • Merged to the mother company, 'HLB'

  • Awarded 'USD20mil. export achievement prize'

  • 2010

    Awarded 'the World top product' by Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Korea

  • Awarded 'the World top product' by Ministry of Knowledge Economy, Korea

    Developed free-fall type lifeboat (35-seater)

  • Awarded 'USD10mil. export achievement prize'

    Established, 'HLB NETWORK'

    Completed construction of new office building and assembly factory

  • Added an affiliation, 'BADA Heavy Industries'

    Established an affiliation, 'Hyundai Yacht' 

  • Supplied 'Ice class' lifeboat to Samsung Heavy Industries

    Localized Totally enclosed lifeboat (44-seater)

    Achieved 'Venture business certificate' (R&D specialized company)

  • Produced Sail yacht 31ft

  • Localized lifeboat engine and approved of MED factory 

  • 2000

    Awarded '41th Trade day - USD5mil. export achievement prize'

  • Separated from Hyundai Precision Industries and established Hyundai Lifeboat

  • Produced FRP free-fall type life boats

  • Export Motor Yacht, 'Sonata31ft' to S.E Asia

  • Export Motor Yacht, 'PMYC43ft' to USA

  • Export Motor Yacht, 'Eleghant54ft' to USA  

  • Technical cooperation with Netherland and produced FRP fully enclosed type lifeboats.

  • Merged to Hyundai Precision Industries (a subsidiary of Hyundai group)

  • Delivered 1st lifeboat to Hyundai Heavy Industries (open-type)

  • Produced FRP open-type lifeboat

  • 1975

    Established Kyungill yacht (a subsidiary of Hyundai Precision Industries)

    Produced 30~44ft yacht



HLB prioritizes the value of offering the best customer service through superior technology and quality,
and are committed to developing refined new technology
by operating an technology research institute, composed of excellent researchers.

research list
Subject Purpose Year
Developed 'Hook Release System' technology for next-generation lifeboat Government task 2007
Developed 44-seater fully enclosed type lifeboat Government task 2007
Developed small (25-seater) free-fall type lifeboat and launching device Government task 2008
Developed HDF32P free-fall type lifeboat Self-developed 2008
Developed HDF25 free-fall type lifeboat hook Self-developed 2008
Developed 32-seater free-fall type davit Self-developed 2008
Developed 420 rescue boat Self-developed 2008
Developed 26 feet racing yacht Self-developed 2009
Developed 32-seater new lifeboat Self-developed 2009
Developed fast rescue boat and davit (7m class) Government task 2010
Developed technology by optimally arranging and lightening 60-seater lifeboat Government task 2010
Developed 60-seater new lifeboat Self-developed 2010
Developed HDFN35 free-fall type lifeboat Self-developed 2010
Developed HD32 lifeboat Self-developed 2010
Developed 90-seater lifeboat Self-developed 2010
Developed HDFN28 lifeboat Self-developed 2010
Developed a 150-seater lifeboat and launcher Government task 2011
Developed leisure plotter(floating hotel) ship Government task 2011
Developed a lifeboat suitable for mass production system Government task 2011
Developed high freer pole lifeboat for offshore Self-developed 2011
Developed HD44 lifeboat Self-developed 2012
Developed a 100-seater lifeboat and launcher for marine structures Government task 2013
Developed domestic fire-fighting lifeboat (70-seater) and launching equipment for drill rigs Government task 2013
Developed Coastal surveillance unmanned boat Government task 2017
Developed solar charged wire and wireless integrated monitoring system for lifeboats Government task 2017
Developed high-speed rescue boat for outboard Government task 2017
Developed tender boat combined lifeboat Self-developed 2017
Developed RIB type 45 knot high-speed boat Self-developed 2017
Developed lifeboat and heating device for offshore plant cryogenic (-30 degree) environment Government task 2018 (expected)

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HLB has been leading the future in various business areas such as offshore plants, marine leisure, and bio.

HLB Life Science Co., Ltd.

HLB Life Science Co., Ltd.

HLB Life Science has advanced biotechnology through investments in new drug development and medical related fields, and maximizes customer satisfaction based on plant technology accumulated over many years.

Business fieldMedical field, renewable energy, plant construction

  • Address
    3-502, 15, Pangyo-ro 228beon-gil, Bundang-gu, Seongnam-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
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HLB Power Co., Ltd.

HLB Power Co., Ltd.

Founded in 1995, it is growing on the basis of damper and busway industry supplying to domestic and overseas thermal / combined thermal power and nuclear power field.

Business fieldThermal / Combined Cycle, Industrial Plant, Busway

HLB Electric Co., Ltd.

HLB Electric Co., Ltd.

It is a specialized company that provides total solution ranging from electrical and instrumentation design of large plant and construction site to various panel manufacturing, construction, commissioning and maintenance. In addition, we are experienced in automatic control system field such as subway PSD system, logistics and factory automation, as well as environmental facilities system. 

Business fieldElectric, instrumentation / fire fighting facilities / information communication / construction, automatic control system, environmental facility system, PSD business

  • Address
    Sinchon Industrial Complex, 7-19, Sinchon 2-ro, Paju-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
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HLB Networks Co., Ltd.

HLB Networks Co., Ltd.

As a subsidiary of HLB Co., Ltd., we provide inspection, repair, maintenance, and engineer training services for lifeboats, and strive to minimize the inconvenience of customers and prevent casualties.

Business fieldlifeboat inspection, repair, engineer training, sales of spare parts and marine engines

BADA Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

BADA Heavy Industries Co., Ltd.

Since its establishment in 1992, we have been manufacturing and supplying Davit, a lifeboat launcher. We have been expanding our business area to meet customer needs by challenging offshore plant parts.

Business fieldDavit, offshore plant

  • Address
    135-56, Jinsan-daero, Jinyeong-eup, Gimhae-si, Gyeongsangnam-do, Republic of Korea
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Hyundai Yacht Co., Ltd.

Hyundai Yacht Co., Ltd.

It is a domestic yacht manufacturer with leading R&D center and design center. Based on our long-standing tradition and technical know-how, we are striving to become a global marine leisure brand by securing our own design, core technology and competitiveness. 

Business fieldYacht manufacturing and import & sales (power yacht, sale yacht, super yacht, river cruise, administrative boat, fishing boat, etc.)

  • Address
    1-26, Jeongokhang-ro 14beon-gil, Seosin-myeon, Hwaseong-si, Gyeonggi-do, Republic of Korea
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Gocean Co., Ltd.

Gocean Co., Ltd.

It is a company that develops and produces semi-submersible, Penguin. We are building overseas sales network through overseas dealerships. We are continuously striving to develop the best semi-submersible in the world by strengthening design and technology. 

Business fieldMarine leisure boat manufacturing

LSK Biopharma Co., Ltd.

LSK Biopharma Co., Ltd.

It is a USA corporation that develops and sells licensing for targeted cancer drugs.
Targeted anti-cancer drugs being developed by our company are new anti-cancer drugs to treat cancer by preventing the formation of new blood vessels that cause tumor growth and metastasis. Currently, we are conducting clinical trials in China, USA and Korea.

Business fieldTargeted anti-cancer drug development

Life Liver Co., Ltd.

Life Liver Co., Ltd.

It is a research and development company established on September 17, 2009 to divide the R&D part of Life Code Co., Ltd. in order to accelerate the commercialization of bio artificial liver and stem cell therapy. Life Liver Co., Ltd., which develops bio-in space and stem cell therapy, is making efforts to develop related technologies by using new technologies that combine tissue engineering and stem cells as future growth engines.

Business fieldBio R&D company



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    272-12, Dangwol-ro, Onsan-eup, Ulju-gun, Ulsan, Republic of Korea
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Seoul Office

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